Altaeon is a realm in constant flux.

Also known as the Prime Material Plane (PMP) , it exists at the nexus of several dimensions that constitute the universe in which our narratives transpire.

The world as we know was born roughly 2000 years ago when it is believed that the God Altaeus and his pantheon wrestled dominion over the planet from the clutches of omnipotent primordial beings colloquially known as the Titans.

Since then, countless civilizations have risen and fallen under the watchful eye of the Heavenly Emperor. Chromatic Magic has become a preeminent technological force in the world that has guided and carried us to the present day.

Altaeon is a world not dissimilar from are own. It’s pervading sensibilities might even be described as “contemporary” by those living in Earth’s 21st century. But while our world found its future in electricity and the combustion engine, Ataeon’s industrial age was driven by people empowered by the blood of dragons.

Altaeon: The Golden Age of Adventure

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